The safest cities in the world

Some of them you didn't even know about

We take care about taxes and invoices, so you can focus on your businessThe need for security is the second step in Maslow's famous pyramid. After satisfying his need for food and water, a person begins to care about the safety of his life. This is more important than self-actualization and respect for others. And let many point out that the pyramid itself is already outdated (for many people, for example, Wi-Fi is more important than love), the fact remains that everyone wants to live in the safest possible city, district and even home: a complex with security, concierge and surveillance cameras.​

1. Singapore

The authors of the rating do not hide the fact that the leaders of the safest cities are rich cities. Singapore is one of them: in fact, it is one of the wealthiest cities in its region. With money, the authorities can at least install night lighting throughout the city: this alone dramatically reduces crime. Not to mention surveillance cameras, non-corrupt police and other important factors. However, the residents themselves pay attention to something else. First, not only the city is rich, but also its residents: people have enough money to build a comfortable life. Secondly, the laws of the country really work: if you have committed a crime, you will pay dearly for it – not only the police, but also the courts are honest. As a result, the bulk of crimes involve not physical violence (0.38 per 100,000), but various kinds of deception on the Internet.

2. Wellington

Life in New Zealand’s capital city has changed dramatically over the past 20 years: while crime in Wellington rose every year in the 20th century, it has now declined with equal success. By comparison, the population has grown by a third since 1994, while the overall crime rate has fallen by 25%. And it continues to fall to this day. Two factors have contributed to this change. First, the police work became more active: since the end of 90s, the percentage of successfully solved cases almost doubled. Secondly, the government began to solve society’s social problems: they were one of the causes of the problems. Today people associate New Zealand with the “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” universes, and tourists are not afraid to walk around Wellington.

3. Оsaka ​

The Japanese city of Osaka is considered the safest in the country. With nearly 3 million people living there, the homicide rate is minimal: only 0.06 per 100,000 people. Even the U.S. Consulate reports that it is a very safe city for living and tourism. The main problems? Bicycle theft – almost half of all crime in the city is associated with it. And inattentive tourist zevacs can steal a wallet in a crowded mall. Otherwise, it’s a pretty safe city, where the chance of being killed by a firearm is critically low.