About Us

On this page you have the opportunity to learn the history of our organization and to become better acquainted with our activities.

History of the SBP organization

The date of birth of our organization is officially considered to be March 12, 2001, when we were registered as a non-profit organization and began to conduct our activities within the framework of state regulations. At the same time, our web portal appeared, we moved to our current office and began to conduct our activities in a centralized and organized way.

But even before that time period, the founders of SBP were active in promoting safety in Birmingham and trying to improve the overall situation through various charitable projects and by bringing more attention to safety issues.
So, in fact, the history of our activities dates back to the early 90’s. You can find information about our activities at that time on some government websites and portals.
At the moment we have 42 employees, most of whom work on a voluntary basis and do not receive any money for it. All expenses related to the needs of the organization (rent, equipment, utility bills, etc.) are paid by our founders personally. We emphasize this by making it clear that all donations and grants that come into our accounts end up benefiting the city and its residents.
Since 2001, we have been able to raise more than 5,000,000 pounds from independents and individuals, which have subsequently been used to develop the city’s security systems and improve security services.
In addition to actively seeking and attracting investors and donations, we also act as a regulator for certain community projects and initiatives. This work includes the continuous review of documentation and project plans, determining their positive or negative sides, determining the ultimate usefulness for the city and thereby screening out projects that cannot benefit the city.
We actively involve international experts from all over the world, requesting their advice or assistance in the analysis of certain projects.
This allows us to better distribute finances in this direction, reduce corruption and bureaucracy, which is a very negative aspect in this area, and bring the work of the state to a new level in all aspects.