We strive to make our city safe

Our goal is to unite all services and organizations that strive to improve the security level of our city and make their activities more effective.

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Make the city safer. How?

The phrase “safe city” has become customary and is usually perceived as a synonym for a citywide video surveillance system. We should not forget, however, that television cameras, even if properly placed, are only technical means, and without the appropriate organizational measures, the video surveillance system will inevitably turn into a trivial registration system.

To quickly stop the offenses it is necessary to build a system of response, beginning with operators and ending with patrol officers. The main problem that cannot be solved “directly” is the lack of operators. It is impossible to put thousands of people in front of monitors. And when there is a video wall of hundreds of images in front of every operator, there is no talking about instant response. Video analytics can at best draw the attention to the non-standard behavior of separate persons, but there is a big difference between the non-standard and illegal behavior. Systems for automated recognition of illegal actions are unlikely to appear in the foreseeable future. It is impossible to solve this problem solely by departmental situation centers, but there is a way out.

Our approach to work. Our areas of responsibility and initiatives

Information about the areas in which we do business.

Cooperation with state organizations and social services

This approach allows us to support the state in terms of making the city safer, using the resources we have available.

Counseling in security and urban management issues

During our long history, we have managed to assemble a team of experienced professionals who are highly qualified specialists in management and security.

Dialogue with the people of the city

It's an integral part of our work and it's really high on our list of priorities. We are in constant dialogue with the population, informing the people about new decisions or initiatives.

Funding projects and initiatives

We are a completely non-profit organization, but we have a huge number of partners around the world who are willing to sponsor promising ideas or initiatives.

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Despite the relatively low number of fatalities, terrorism is a growing concern in cities. Every region has at least one city at the top of the list of safe cities where terrorist attacks have occurred in the past five years. Authorities are trying to reduce the percentage of incidents through the swift work of intelligence agencies and technology to detect potential crime.

In cities such as London and Tokyo, the deployment of video surveillance is steadily increasing. In developed cities, video surveillance or webcams cooperate with artificial intelligence technologies. For example, with facial recognition, motion analysis and the detection of suspicious behavior. In China, police departments collaborate with technology companies that develop such solutions. According to IHS Markit, the professional HD surveillance camera market grew to 29 million units in 2018 (up from 0.2 million in 2012).

We are proud to work for the good of our city and our community. If you are looking for a way to support our activities or become our strategic partner, contact us, we are always open to dialogue.